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Last updated: December 26, 2021

Dekan FIB Unpad Jadi Pembicara Kunci pada Konferensi Internasional AIFIS-MSU

[unpad.ac.id] The Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Prof. Aquarini Priyatna, PhD, had the honor of virtually presenting as a keynote speaker in the international conference The 2021 AIFIS-MSU Conference on Indonesian Studies organized by the American Institute for Indonesian Studies (AIFIS) jointly with Michigan State University, United States on Thursday, June 23.

In the conference, Prof. Priyatna delivered her speech entitled “Writing Women, Women Writing: Feminist Voice in Indonesian Literature”. Besides her, the other keynote speaker was Prof. Donald K. Emmerson, PhD from Stanford University.

In her presentation, she mentioned that Indonesian women writing are often considered non-literary genres, not serious, and even considered low art. Quite the contrary, Indonesian women writers attempt to articulate and document the diverse experience of women’s lives in Indonesia.

The subsequent June 26 conference themed “Indonesian Studies – Paradigms and New Frontiers” was the first conference held jointly by AIFIS and MSU. Approximately five hundred participants presented at this conference intended to disseminate research, programs, and collaborations in the field of Indonesian studies. In addition, this conference is also expected to build a network of scholars and academic communities from various disciplines based in Indonesia, the United States, Asia-Pacific, and other global locations.

AIFIS itself is an organization composed of 38 universities in the United States, comprising researchers whose interest and expertise are situated within the field of Indonesian studies. (rilis)*

Faculty of Cultural Sciences Lecturer Creates Sunda V Font

Font Aksara Sunda V

The rising interest in Sundanese culture coinciding with the rapid development of information technology in West Java results in recent technological treatments of Sundanese cultural products. One such product is the Sundanese script. The script that was historically in use for the last time in the 18th century has been undergoing a modern treatment. The usage of this Sundanese script enters a new phase in 2008, when the Unicode version of the Sundanese script font was first introduced.

After the introduction of the font, it becomes easier to recreate the script and include it in various media. Those who enjoy using the font also show their appreciation by programming numerous variations of the Sundanese script font.

The popularity of the font has also attracted the attention of Sundanese script researchers in the Faculty of Cultural Sciences Unpad. In 2017, a team of researchers studied the font and attempted to correct some of the mistakes in the script and reformulate its usage.

The multidisciplinary research team came up with a new Sundanese script font with a new typing method; the font is called Sunda V Unpad. Designed by the team led by Sundanese study program lecturer Rahmat Sopian, S.S., M.Hum., the new font has an advantage over other previous fonts due to its ease of use on a standard, Roman script keyboard. This advantage can potentially reduce the number of common mistakes the previous fonts have. The Sunda V Unpad font has been copyrighted and can be downloaded for free on http://sundanesewords.com.

Faculty of Cultural Sciences Lecturer Invents Kalamboard, Calligraphy Learning Tools


Kalamboard is a series of brushes for learning calligraphy made of simple and easy-to-find ingredients. Kalamboard is the invention of Arabic study program lecturer Dr. Ikhwan, M.Hum. Not only can the brushes be used for calligraphy, but they can also be used for handwriting presentations, such as on a large whiteboard. These brushes can replace chalks or markers as writing devices for calligraphy.