Innovative Programs

Last updated: December 26, 2021

Indonesian Camp FIB Unpad

Indonesian Camp is a program of learning the Indonesian language, literature, and culture created for international students from various countries who are interested in learning more about Indonesia. Indonesian Camp is planned to be held twice every year, in the middle and at the end of the year. The 2021 Indonesian Camp was the first and attracted 120 participants from 22 countries.

International Conference on Culture and Performing Arts ICCPA

International Conference on Culture and Performing Arts (ICCPA) is planned to be a biannual agenda for the Faculty of Cultural Sciences. Two hundred participants from eight countries took part in the first ICCPA in November 2021. The participants consisted of not only scholars, but also experts and practitioners in culture and performing arts.

FIB World Class University Program

The FIB World Class University Program presents experts in their fields from around the world. These world-class scholars participate in events held by the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, such as international conferences, joint research programs, joint advisory programs, and general lectures, in an effort to upgrade the capacity and capability of the students and lecturers of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences in reaching the world stage.