Dr Jo Pollitt

Keynote Speaker – Jo Pollitt
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Dr. Jo Pollitt

Hey Siri, what is the weather today? Forecasting feminist practices of moving with instability and emergence under ( ) pressure.
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Jo Pollitt is a​n artist-scholar with the Centre for People, Place & Planet at Edith Cowan University​ on Whadjuk Noongar Country​ in Western Australia. Jo’s work is grounded in a practice of improvisation across multiple performance, choreographic and publishing platforms. She is the convenor of Dance Research Australia, lectures in dance improvisation at WAAPA, and is the author of The dancer in your hands < >. Jo is co-founder of The Ediths, creative director of #FEAS Feminist Educators Against Sexism, and co-director of BIG Kids Magazine. Her choreographic thinking through the ‘response’ project and ‘writing as dancing’, works with the rigour and presence of improvisation as a dramaturgical and feminist practice. Her current project Weather Studios is an ecopoetic inquiry into the capacity and nuance of dancers attention to respond to environmental change in increasingly unstable times.